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Monday 28 December 2015


A New Year approaches, and Christmas is now just over the shoulder.
For the first time in many years, I felt a little nostalgic for Christmas past. 
Yule in Africa is something that takes some getting used to, especially for an ex-pat Brit, raised on mince pies, frost, snow and the obligatory James Bond film featuring at some point over the holidays (when I was young, it was always Christmas Day, but I'm sure times have changed.) And Kampala suddenly decided to pile on the heat, weeks of rain gave way for two sweltering days... something else to shock the system of a European. One would have thought that after all these years away I would have adjusted, but there is just something decidedly strange about Christmas Day at 35°C

So 2016 is just around the corner, and as always, hopes are high that it will be better than 2015, (always the same thoughts at this time of year). But 2015 hasn't actually been that bad. The family and I relocated from Kenya at the beginning of the year, settling in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. I have found plenty of time to write, even though I am mostly forced to work at night, as in Kenya, Ugandans love their music, unfortunately for me, it's not an atmosphere conducive to concentration, added to the fact that every church here (and there are many) insists on amplifying their seemingly never ending services despite the fact that the congregation numbers only two or three. It all adds to the jumble of noise!

2015 has been a prolific year for me, several books written, Gondell's Quest, Finding Justine, The Red Trade, Harvester 7, and quite a few started before finding themselves on the shelf, some temporarily, some indefinitely.

Traffik: The Stolen Girls, published in November 2014 made it onto the Amazon UK Top 100 bestseller list (in genre) during February, and has been there, or thereabouts ever since, it also visited the bestseller list in the USA briefly, so I'm claiming international status!! But still, not too bad for an author who was totally unknown just over a year ago.
It's also nice to see that Amazon have been advertising my books, it feels good to get a little promotion without having to instigate.

While Traffik has done well, other books have been disappointing. Peninah's Passion underwent a serious re-write, and on occasion it has flirted with the top 100 on, but is still to break through.
I have always been a fan of Wilbur Smith, and his novels set in Africa. Maybe that is why I began writing about a beautiful Ethiopian historian, Ayana Regasa. I wanted to begin a series of books set in different African countries, starting in the Ethiopian highlands, before moving on to the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe (The Fountain of Saba and Tokoloshe). The reception for these first two books has been decidedly lack lustre so far, more promotion necessary I guess!

On a more upbeat note: The Red Trade has begun to gain a little momentum now, especially paperback sales. My second Human Trafficking themed novel, it explores a disturbing market in sub-Saharan Africa for albino body parts, and organ harvesting for illegal transplant surgery.
My third Human Trafficking novel, Finding Justine – Libertine is very much an unknown quantity as yet, having only been published for a few weeks. This is a darker book, and explores the minds of a sexual sadist and his submissive slave (a victim of trafficking). Inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade I feel compelled to give advance warning of some language and scenes of degradation and torture. Definitely 18+ reading but not erotic.

2015 also saw the release of Gondell's Quest – Destiny. The first half of an epic tale, a sword and sorcery fantasy that is receiving wonderful reviews (even being compared to works by Tolkein). Because of the sheer length I have been forced to split the tale between two books, and even divided it has proven to be a printing headache and a struggle to format within the 740 page maximum of both Createspace and Lulu.
Book 1 is making some sales on iTunes and Kobo, but no impact so far on Kindle or Nook, one of the reasons that I am investigating crowdfunding options to facilitate marketing. The feed back that I have received so far is that Gondell's Quest has the potential to become a classic, but only marketing and a general raising of awareness will prove or disprove that theory!

My Science Fiction introductory story, Harvester 7 will remain Free for the time being, the first part of the trilogy, Rise of the Kressa is due to be published later in 2016.

I am still looking for reviews for all of my books, so contact me if there is something that you would like to read for free in exchange for an honest review on

All that remains now is for me to wish you all a belated Merry

Christmas, and an early Happy New Year.

Friday 18 December 2015

Previews and Samplers

After uploading pdf previews for all of my books to Lulu, I decided why not share them here on my blog also.
So here you go... previews ready to download.

 Gondell's Quest Download Preview here


Traffik: The Stolen Girls Download Preview here


Finding Justine  Download Preview here

The Red Trade   Download Preview here

The Fountain of Saba   Download Preview here


Tokoloshe   Download Preview here


Peninah's Passion   Download Preview here


Harvester 7   Download Preview here

Tuesday 15 December 2015

FREE (Updated)

Harvester 7 is Free to download for a while, so get your copy of this Sci-Fi Introduction now.
At the moment it's available from Lulu as an ePub.  Download Here

Harvester 7 is now Free to download from Amazon. Grab your copy of the introduction to the Rise of the Kressa Trilogy

USA download
UK  download
Canada download
Australia download
India download

The genetic secret to all life in the universe revealed, and so begins the countdown to Armageddon.

For over seven hundred and fifty years the harvesters had been voyaging into deep space, but each journey was becoming longer and more dangerous, because suitable planets were getting fewer and more difficult for the scouts to discover. Terrillia was a dying planet and nothing could be done to prevent the inevitable.

Master Maulik carried the responsibilities of feeding his race with pride, and he performed his harvesting duties with diligence and compassion... yet his heart longed for adventure.
But it is often dangerous to long, for sometimes the heart receives that which it desires most, and Maulik finds himself plunged into a game of political intrigue and brinkmanship that could alter the balance of power in his galaxy as rival species form an uneasy alliance.
For the ultimate doom approaches.
And as opposing factions draw together he finds himself a pawn in the great game, his only true ally, his new found friend, the Kressa.

Discover how the story begins, the preparations for war, deceit and double dealing, plans within plans, the strangest of friendships... and an entire race reduced to the status of livestock.

Friday 11 December 2015

Justine is Released

Finding Justine - Libertine is now published (various formats).

It has taken a while... but finally published. Justine is available as an epub. pdf or paperback from Lulu today, and will be available on iTunes, Nook, Kindle, Kobo etc very soon.

An animal rights activist. A sadistic billionaire - and his beautiful young victim.


Adam Hurst felt his reason for existence crumble as all hunting with hounds became outlawed in his beloved Britain. No-longer would his special skills be required. The battle against an ancient barbarity had been won, and he had become redundant, without use or purpose. Yet one target remained, one secretive and sinister man. The titled owner of vast estates who presumed that he lived above the law. Determination driven by frustration fed Adam's new crusade... to expose the Earl of Silverleigh for the monster that he knew him to be.

Earl Marcus de Silverleigh, Peer of the Realm, bloodsports enthusiast, and devotee of the infamous sixteenth century libertine Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, better know simply as the Marquis. Marcus, a man of unimaginable wealth, and unspeakable depravity, a man driven by the writings of his hero, a man determined to translate the sordid fiction of Justine, his favourite book, into terrifying fact.

Theresa. Young, sweet, innocent. The very essence of virtue. Stolen from her home and humble background, her identity erased. A girl desperate for love and release, finding submission as her only hope of survival. A simple girl who becomes the focus of a battle between a tender and gentle man, and a cold, cruel master.

Marcus has found his Justine, and her nightmare has only just begun.

Get Justine as an ePub $2.99                          here    
Get Justine as a PDF    $1.99                          here
Get the Digest Paperback $9.74  (25% off)   here

Sunday 6 December 2015

Updates (Various)

It's been a while since I last visited my blog.
The battle against tobacco has taken its toll on my patience and concentration, and it is only looking back at this moment, on almost three weeks since I lit my last, that I truly understand that this has been hard. And, in all of that time I have written a total of 2000 words (and I'm not happy with any of them). I usually write an average of 3500 to 5000 per day.... I don't know where the time and inspiration went.

But on a more positive note, I'm feeling much better prepared to start writing again now. Finding Justine has suffered, so it's time to settle down again, and probably scrap the last chapter. I had aimed at writing a shorter book, around the 70 to 80,000 word mark... but as always, it's heading toward 100k+ (currently at 94k and still a couple of chapters remaining).

Feedback so far has mostly been encouraging, but the darker undercurrent of the book has been clearly spotted, something that I am determined not to change! The book addresses a dark and sinister issue, and it's impossible to explore sadism without making a few people wince as they read!

On a different note: Traffik: The Stolen Girls finally got it's first review on A very nice 5 Stars. Encouraging.

The horrors of Sex Slavery
I love this book! It is about sex slaves. This book needs to be read by everybody because this crime is still happening! We need to be aware of this disgusting assault on our sisters and brothers to STOP it! The book is fiction but the crime isn't. Andy Lang really shows what hell they go through! I want to thank Andy for bringing this out into the open, out of the shadows! To the who fight this every day, Thank You!

Gondell's Quest is still selling steadily on iTunes, but as yet, still nothing on Amazon??? The final part, The Sword of Kalenzi will be released next year, but I am not going to put any estimate on when. It will be when it will be.
Writing the first part was a pleasure, one of those things in life that simply felt good. I want this second and final part to be the same. No rush.


Friday 4 December 2015

The Fountain of Saba and Tokoloshe Combined Edition Paperback

The Fountain of Saba and Tokoloshe have been combined into one bumper paperback. Parts one and two of the James and Ayana Preston trilogy available back to back in the same edition.

The Fountain of Saba explores the legend of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, and the intrepid explorers follow a trail of ancient clues that lead them ever closer to the ultimate goal. But James and Ayana have a dilemma! They wish to reveal long hidden secrets for the benefit of all mankind, their benefactor however, has more sinister motives, and the young couple find themselves immersed in history and revelations that should probably remain guarded secrets.
A struggle between good and evil in the Ethiopian highlands, a tale of deceit and danger, friendship and betrayal, spirituality and discovery, damnation for some... and maybe redemption for others.

Tokoloshe finds the couple settling into life together, and Ayana's desire to return to a life of adventure brings Doug Rutherford, a wealthy American forex trader, into their lives. A man who has a hidden agenda. A man who sees James and Ayana as his last hope.
Presenting evidence and research suggesting proof that Nyami Nyami, the Zambezi River Goddess exists he piques the imagination of Ayana, eventually convincing the couple to head an expedition. Little do they know that Douglas has not been completely honest about his motives, and unbeknown to all, a sinister presence stalks the Rutherford family, a creature of Zulu myth, brought into existence by a witchdoctor, and bound to Doug in the most frightening way.
Emotions run high as the Tokoloshe manipulates the expedition members, twisting reality, bringing jeopardy, temptation, lust and deceit. Testing the love that James and Ayana share, they must turn to evil, to defeat evil.

Available exclusively from Lulu Publishing.
Price - $13.38 (A great deal for two full length novels) Reduced from $15.99

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.