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Sunday 24 April 2016

A Call to Action!!

I am afraid that the blog has been severely neglected of late. So much going on, change of publisher, manuscripts to adjust, edit etc.

As from the 17th April 2016 I no-longer have any connection with Creativia, our working relationship had run its course, and it was time to move on!

The majority of my books are now published through Pronoun. I feel that they offer a very good service as a one stop self publishing aid.
They offer rank / sales tracking on (for any book!), but what is most impressive... when asked for key search words, selection of genre, Pronoun has a facility to highlight the most suitable genres and most commonly searched keywords, which takes a great deal of guesswork out of the publishing process and product positioning.
In addition, from cover and manuscript submission to actual publication on Amazon, (based on the publication of several books) it generally takes around 5 hours to go live. (also 5 hours for Kobo, similar for iTunes, a little longer for Google Play, and about 10 days for B&N Nook) With Lulu, (who are also very good), from submission to actual publication on Amazon has been taking 10 to 14 days.

Because of the change in publisher, Traffik: The Stolen Girls has been issued with a new Amazon ASIN (B01EGC638U), which has sadly erased its former bestseller ranking, so now, rather than hovering between #20 and #100 it has disappeared into the millions of unranked books that make up the vast majority of Amazons listings...

Call to Action:

Just a few sales, especially when occurring on the same day, can make a massive difference to a books ranking... and with this in mind, I am asking a huge favour.
If you enjoy contemporary fiction, stories of hardship and suffering that make you angry, stories of redemption and victory that will make you cheer. Then you will enjoy Traffik: The Stolen Girls, the tale of four innocent girls stolen from their homes and forced into a life of degradation. Learn about their former lives, journey with them as they are trafficked into Spain, and find out if they can ever escape and make their way back home.

Traffik is for sale now at only $2.99 (about £2.00)  See it on Amazon
If you are looking for a 5 Star rated bestseller, maybe something a little different to read, why not download Traffik now! Please help me to get the top 100 ranking back. If you can't buy now, then please consider reposting this message to your own network... please help me to spread the word.

Two other books have also been republished:

Peninah's Passion, a spicy interracial romantic adventure. The story of a couple (bwwm) who find themselves caught up in a police investigation into a Colombian drug cartel. They find themselves on the run pursued by a hired killer, but what is of greater concern to Peninah... her past is beginning to catch up with her, and she worries that her unadventurous husband Alex will not understand her true nature and need for fetish.
Amazon have listed the book, (once again) under Erotica... and to be honest I'm not fighting their decision any more, for a year and a half I have been struggling to keep it in Romance. All that I will say is that while the book does feature some decidedly naughty scenes, it is definitely not erotica.
(It's rather ironic that at the same time I have struggled to keep Traffik out of the Romance genre. Abduction and forced prostitution are not exactly romantic subjects!)

The Fountain of Saba has also been republished. The first book in my Ayana Regassa Adventures series. (Tokoloshe – the second part is already published.)
A spiritual adventure set in the Highlands of Ethiopia. Ayana Regassa is a researcher and historian, and she has a theory, an unconventional idea that few are willing to consider.
She wants to prove the existence of Makeda, the legendary Queen of Sheba, and to do so she must track down mythological sites, many of which are mentioned in the Prester John Letter. With the backing of a wealthy German industrialist she assembles a team of experts, but little does she know that her infirm benefactor has another agenda, and he seeks far more than historical proof.

Here are the new Amazon links for all three books.

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