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Saturday 12 September 2015

The plight of African albinos

The horrendous trade in Albino body parts in East Africa.

Here is part of an article published by the Daily Mail (UK)

 'I begged them not to take my arm away': Albino woman reveals the horrific moment gang hacked off her limb with a machete to sell to Tanzanian black magic witchdoctor

  • Kulwa Lusana was 15 when she was attacked by five men in Tanzania
  • They hacked off her right arm with a machete and left her for dead
  • She is one of hundreds of victims of a trade in albino body parts sold for thousands to fuel a trade in black magic potions brewed for 'luck'
  • Kulwa has now learnt to knit one-handed and hopes to start a business
A young albino woman has spoken of the 'indescribable' pain which coursed through her body the moment a gang of men hacked off her arm - because they believed her albino skin would bring them wealth and luck.
Kulwa Lusana was just a teenager when the five men held her down and attacked her with machetes as she lay in bed at her home in north-west Tanzania, before bundling her arm into one of their coats and running off into the night. 
Shockingly, Kulwa was lucky: she is one of hundreds of victims of the sickening trade in albino body parts, used in potions mixed by so-called witch doctors for the rich and powerful.

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My latest book, The Red Trade touches on this disturbing and disgusting practice, hopefully it may raise a little awareness, even if in a very small way.

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