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Friday 9 October 2015

Andy Lang Books - Traffik: The Stolen Girls

UK Bestselling novel Traffik: The Stolen Girls is on Amazon Countdown Offer from the 9th until the 15th of October, priced at only $0.99 / £0.99.

Traffik: The Stolen Girls

A story of modern day slavery. Four girls stolen from their homes and sold into a life of degradation and humiliation. Four very different girls who learn to respect and rely on each other as they battle for survival against the odds and a cruel, powerful enemy.

Follow spoilt and vain Jata, sensible and motherly Akinyi, sensitive but disturbed Shani and worldly Marija as they strive to regain their stolen freedom and dignity.


Daylight found the four fugitives asleep beneath the softly sighing pines, four young women from vastly different backgrounds that had been thrown together by cruel fate, a fate that had stripped them of identity and dignity, a fate that had tested their spirits beyond the boundaries of endurance. They were all damaged by their ordeal, yet it had forged a bond between them that transcended friendship and gave each of them a priceless gift.

Editorial Review

Human trafficking must be one of the ugliest scourges of humanity, and the author's unflinching look at this abominable practice is heartbreaking, no less so because of his skill in drawing believable, likeable characters. Readers who seek realism and social change will appreciate this book, and lovers of redemption stories where honest people struggle against great odds towards a well-deserved happy ending will find enjoyment in the pages. Traffik: the Stolen Girls will make you angry. It will make you cry. And then it will make you cheer. In all, this is a book well worth reading.


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