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Sunday 18 October 2015

Coming Soon - Finding Justine

Finding Justine - Libertine

An animal rights activist. A sadistic socio-path and an innocent, beautiful young victim.

Adam Hurst felt his reason for existence crumble as all hunting with hounds became outlawed in his beloved Britain. No-longer would his special skills be required. The battle against an ancient barbarity had been won, and he had become redundant, without use or purpose. Yet one target remained, one secretive and sinister man. The titled owner of vast estates who presumed that he lived above the law. Determination driven by frustration fed Adam's new crusade... to expose the Earl of Silverleigh for the monster that he knew him to be.

But little did Adam know that the Earl kept his estates not only for the hunting of foxes.

Earl Marcus de Silverleigh, Peer of the Realm, bloodsports enthusiast, and devotee of the infamous sixteenth century libertine Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, better know simply as the Marquis. Marcus, a man of unimaginable wealth, and unspeakable depravity, a man driven by the writings of his hero, a man determined to translate the sordid fiction of Justine, his favourite book, into terrifying fact.

Theresa. Young, sweet, innocent. The very essence of virtue. Stolen from her home and humble background, her identity erased. A girl desperate for love and release, but finding submission to be her only hope of survival. A simple girl who becomes the focus of a battle between a tender and gentle man, and a cold, cruel master.

Marcus has found his Justine, and her nightmare has only just begun.

Finding Justine led me down a path that at times I seriously regretted, simply because reading Sade's Justine revealed to me how sick and depraved the human mind can be. In my honest opinion, I feel that the Marquis de Sade has to be classed as one of histories greatest monsters. But having said that, I continued my research, and feel that despite the undertone of cruelty, Finding Justine will satisfy those readers who enjoy their books raw, edgy, and on occasion, decidedly dark and disturbing.

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