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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All. I hope that 2016 will prove to be everything that you dream!

Well the New Year has started with a sizzle here in East Africa, the temperatures are soaring, and making life decidedly uncomfortable.
It's difficult to write under these conditions, so I'm taking a break. Since August 2014 I've barely taken a breath, seven full length novels and a short story (the intro to a trilogy) almost 1 million words in total, so I don't think a couple of months off is going to hurt. It will perhaps give me a chance to do a little promotion and marketing.
I started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign just before New Year, as I expected, the response has been decidedly underwhelming… just a fresh batch of emails daily, each telling me how, (for a modest fee) they can help me to reach my funding target… Now correct me if I'm getting the wrong end of the stick… but surely the idea of crowdfunding is to get people to add finance to a project, not spend money in the hope that a third party can fulfill their promises!
So, to cut a long story short… Indiegogo, is an in my opinion, and Gondell's Quest will get a more modest promotion rather than the BookBub push that I had planned… such is life.

Harvester 7 is rapidly climbing the rankings, in the most unexpected of places!!! It has achieved Top 100 Bestseller ranking in Science Fiction in Germany, Italy, Australia… and Japan.

I have also noticed that Traffik and Peninah's Passion are now for sale on Amazon China!!

My website domain has been screwed up... is now no-longer mine, something that I'm working on at the moment... mainly because the Kenyan hosting company don't know their ar**s from their elbows. So until I can untangle the Kenyan mess, I'm without an official website!

2016 has begun with a few challenges, but that is what makes life interesting.

Harvester 7   (Free)

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