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Sunday 24 January 2016

Online Store Fiasco

I'm starting to get my head around e-commerce, and have been playing this evening with an online store... according to the website it was going to be free to set-up and run. Great, I thought, a facebook shop that links into my website and blog also... very convenient. So I spend a couple of hours adding books in different formats, the descriptions, prices etc., etc. Only to discover when I went to make the store live... it's not exactly free, in fact in order to sell ebooks I have to upgrade. Very misleading, and a complete waste of time.

So I'm back onto payhip, and will be adding all of the books onto their platform. Gondell's Quest is first up, Mobi, ePub and PDF formats. (the PDF is 50% off until the 30th Jan, so use the coupon code - 5EAV3A4P58)

Other books will be added soon, and the links will added onto the book pages on my website shortly (

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