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Wednesday 19 August 2015

My little whinge for the day

Certain things are beyond control, this I understand.... But, there is sense in the old expression, "Don't try to fix it, if it's not broken."

Either someone is playing with keywords for Traffik: The Stolen Girls, or Amazon in their wisdom have decided to do a little shuffling.

A book that has ranked as a UK best seller in the Mens's Adventure genre for over six months, has suddenly dropped from sight and is now hovering between #80 and #120 in romance? As we all know, keywords decide the genre and positioning of a book, specific words for specific genres. And as those of you that have read Traffik will no doubt agree, this book is very far from romantic, being based on human trafficking and forced prostitution. Oh well, I am sure that some explanation will show up.

On a more positive note, the book has actually made decent sales in the USA today, so I mustn't complain too much.

Here is a review from my publishers editor that has just been added to my sales pages.

Human trafficking must be one of the ugliest scourges of humanity, and the author's unflinching look at this abominable practice is heartbreaking, no less so because of his skill in drawing believable, likable characters. Readers who seek realism and social change will appreciate this book, and lovers of redemption stories where honest people struggle against great odds towards a well-deserved happy ending will find enjoyment in the pages. Traffik: the Stolen Girls will make you angry. It will make you cry. And then it will make you cheer. In all, this is a book well worth reading.

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