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Sunday 23 August 2015

The Fountain of Saba

The Fountain of Saba is the first of a trilogy, followed by Tokoloshe (published in paperback only at the moment) and Cryptid (due for publication 2016).

The story centres on young Ethiopian Ayana Regassa's determination to prove the legend of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, her existence and place in history.
Teamed with Dr. James Preston, a British TV star and archaeologist, Ira Goldblum, an irritable and cantankerous Israeli professor of Ancient Languages, Helen Ross, a Wiccan specialist in Ancient Religions and all around odd-ball, and a squad of South African mercenaries posing as security, they head into the highlands of Ethiopia following clues gleaned from the famous Prester John Letter.

It is not long before the small civilian team begin to realise that their expedition security have more sinister motives than historical proofs.

This is first and foremost an adventure/suspense novel, but there is also an undertone of spirituality, an awakening and strengthening of belief and faith. A story of discovery, jeopardy and redemption.

I have just created a little stand alone website for the book, so please feel free to take a look, and comments are always welcomed.


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