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Friday 28 August 2015

The Red Trade - Pre-order links

The Red Trade is now available to pre-order as a kindle ebook. (special introductory price of $0.99 / £0.99 / E0.99. The price will be increased to $3.99 on the 12th September)

Two must die, so that one may live.

A truly frightening tale, more so because it is based on documented fact. The Red Trade is the heart wrenching story of a group of small children who are abducted from their homes by ruthless, heartless men, and sold for organ harvesting, sacrifice to superstition, and to satisfy the sick and twisted desires of wealthy foreigners.

A look at rural life in East Africa, and an accurate portrayal of the hardships faced daily by the less privileged in Kenyan society, (who are the vast majority). The book also touches on a subject considered by many as taboo. Albinism generates mixed response in Africa, misunderstanding and superstitious ignorance surround these people who are pure African, yet of the “wrong” colour.

Finally a book that champions the less fortunate, and hopefully will help towards understanding and tolerance.

The Red Trade.

Anita is a happy and healthy girl, but she has a problem, something that sets her aside from her peers, an inescapable condition. Anita is white, yet her heart and blood are pure African.
For Anita is albino. A cursed child; an abomination.
Junior and Uncle are happy, carefree twins. Mischievous boys, full of life, pranks and optimism.
Natasha is a happy go lucky schoolgirl without a care in the world.

But they all share one thing in common. They are targets for The Red Trade. For a criminal gang is operating in their small corner of Africa, and customers around the world eagerly await.

Fortunately there are people willing to stand up and shout, “Enough is enough,” Glenn Ridgely is one such man, and with the help of his street-wise Kenyan girlfriend Ruth, and world weary Kalanjin police officer, Morgan. He sets about dismantling their sinister and sordid empire.

The Red Trade. A story of human trafficking that reveals hidden truths that many wish to deny exist.
A story that ranges from the IDP camps of northern Uganda to the wide, majestic plains of the Serengeti, and far across the Indian Ocean to distant Pakistan. A story of abuse, subjugation, cruelty and superstition, morality, and finally hope and redemption.

On a personal note: This is a story that has been in the back of my mind for some time, just waiting for a chance to put pen to paper, or more accurately, fingers to keyboard.
The Red Trade explores the darker aspects of the despicable trade in human beings that is carried out across the world, regardless of region, 1st and 3rd worlds are equally guilty. Trafficking of human organs is rife, more transplant patients than donors will always be an issue, a situation that favours the heartless and conscienceless in society, and this book does cover this terrible trade at its core, but I also wanted to look a little deeper, because there is a less well known trade in human life. A trade that sadly flourishes, fuelled by superstitious belief in witchcraft, Muti killings do take place, human beings are murdered so that their body parts can be used in potions and charms, and Albino children are in huge demand.
It is documented fact that in 2009, three Tanzanian men were found guilty of the murder of a 14 year old albino boy, his legs were removed to be sold for use in witchcraft. A similar crime occurred again in 2010 in Tanzania and Burundi, when an albino child was dismembered for Muti.
National Geographic estimates that the total revenue for a complete set of albino body parts is valued at $75,000.
Albinism amongst Caucasian peoples is a noticeable genetic trait, yet reasonably accepted, however, albinism carries a huge stigma in Africa in conjunction with considerable superstition. As an example, in some regions it is believed that sexual intercourse with an albinistic woman will cure HIV AIDS, this unbelievable misconception has led to a dramatic increase in the reported cases of rape amongst albino women, and also vastly increased levels of infection. Only recently a documentary on a national television channel in East Africa investigated the trait of albinism, I was shocked to note that the headline for the piece was “Hope for albino creatures

This novel is entirely fictional, but I would stress, fiction in this case is based on fact. To mention a side topic that enters the story, I make reference to the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), a terrorist group who still retain a strong presence in central Africa. The LRA has abducted thousands of innocent children in Northern Uganda and surrounding countries, and these children have been forced into lives of horror and degradation. The LRA leader, Joseph Kony is still at large today.

Although the topic of my trafficking series of books may appear unsavoury, I hope, and it is my intention to not only entertain with exciting adventure stories, I also pray that just maybe I can open a few eyes and minds at the same time, and raise a little awareness.

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